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Rich Combat
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byAndy Dixon onRich Combat

I have trained with Mark for almost 10 years now. Whether training has been for marathons, self-defence or combative, the sessions provided have always met my needs. I have found the sessions informative, engaging and fun. Mark’s first hand experience, study and training has formed a great trainer and mentor for all disciplines and services he offers at Rich Combat.

byGavin Noonan onRich Combat

I have trained with Mark for many years. He is an intense seeker of truth both in life and self defence - street combat. Very open minded he will look at all styles and put himself right in the mix to see what it is all about but being a seeker he won' t settle for one approach. His hunger for what is best drives him to look at all the methods out there so that the correct equation for voilence can be understood. His method is pure, real, effective and more vitaly honest. There is so much fog in martial arts and self defence that you're dead before you even see the blade, the fist. Not because you did'nt actually see the weapon or hand but because your brain is lost in the fog of all the ideas, techniques that do not WORK. Here is Marks life work. Coming to find how to get straight to the point of successful principles of survival - without ANY bullshit or misleading. Mark is the real deal. Both teacher and forever a student of life. He is a light in the fog of self protection that will keep you alive when your luck just ran out. 100% recommend his courses for quality and honesty.

byLayla Greenaway onRich Combat

I've attended many of Mark's courses over the years and everyone of them teaches you something new. It's a fresh way of looking at self-defence. What your taught is how to defend yourself in a real life situation, so no complicated holds or tricky combinations of moves, just simple effective ways to protect yourself from real violence. The biggest and most powerful technique Mark teaches, is being aware of your surroundings and how to avoid violent situations in the first place.
Mark makes you feel very comfortable and puts you at ease especially considering the nature of the content of the courses.Mark is incredibly knowledgeable in this field and he delivers his courses with professionalism and skill. His ability to teach people with a mix of abilities, age, experience and both men and women is commendable as everyone goes away more than satisfied. I would definitely recommend any of his courses and I look forward to the next one.

byJonathan Wormald onRich Combat
Rich Combat

I have trained in Karate, trained with and attended the self defence courses by Mark Richardson so have seen the teachings Mark provides both in traditional syllabus martial arts and also in self defence provided through Rich Combat. Whilst the traditional martial art and self defence (reality) are completely different, Mark teaches both in such a professional and informative way that you fully understand and respect each form including including the limitations of the traditional form and the effectiveness of the 'street' techniques. Both require dedication from the student but to achieve that you have to get the best out of the student and I can honestly say Mark achieves that through fantastic teaching, encouragement, and instilling self belief whether you are a novice or a trained martial artist. Anyone interested in self defence will enjoy the teachings and classes.

byAndy Smith onRich Combat
1-2-1 self defence course

I would say Mark takes into account who you are, what you want and finds the best strengths if you're ever in a confrontational situation. What I liked best about this course is that Mark is a great believer in psychology & personal awareness & what is going on around us. If we can recognise the signs before it happens then we can hopefully get the hell out of there! And if not then he teaches some excellent moves to protect you.
Overall I would really recommend this course to both men and women of all ages. Mark is a very articulate, intelligent man who really knows his art and will work to bring out the best in you.

byAlan Thorpe onRich Combat
Self defence course

I have been attending Marks courses for around 7 years. Mark's knowledge of the world of self defence and martial arts is second to none and I have never attended a class where I haven't learnt something new and exciting.
Each class caters for absolute beginners up to experienced martial artists, everybody starts on a level playing field and is very inclusive for males and females for all ages and standards.
So if you want to learn self defence without the formality of some martial arts, have great fun, make new friends and give yourself a new sense of self confidence then give a course a go.