Mark Richardson is the founder of RICHCOMBAT and has over 30 years experience in combative arts and the world of Self-defence.

Starting Wado-ryu Karate at 13 years old, he is currently a 6th Dan Black belt and has represented his country in 3 World and 2 European championships collecting Silver and Bronze medals.

Mark is a certified instructor in the hand-to-hand combative art K.A.P.A.P and is an internationally recognised instructor in Krav Maga, gaining his qualification in Israel with Moshe Katz of IKI. He also holds experience in many other systems including western boxing, Jujitsu and several others.

With over 30 years of combative training behind him Mark has worked closely with a multitude of clubs, groups and businesses, including West Yorkshire Police and Fire Brigade, Leeds and Bradford city councils, and several local schools.

DBS (CRB) checked and First Aid registered, he is a fully qualified fitness coach, Personal Trainer & diet/nutritionist. Mark is also a certified human behaviour & communication expert.



RICHCOMBAT welcomes ALL regardless of previous experience and background – especially the beginners or inquisitive ones of us out there. Because the main objective is to never stop evolving and continually improve, every course, class or session is designed for ANYONE to drop in and have a look and hopefully learn something new.

Mark has trained under or with several players on the world stage including:-

Ticky Donovan OBE (England Karate coach)
Wayne Otto OBE (Multi world Karate champion)
Nicola Adams (Olympic Gold medalist)
Geoff Thompson (Self defence expert)
Peter Consterdine (BCA founder)
Sgt Rory Miller (leading psychologist on violence)
Crawford Ashley (European Boxing champion)
Derek Roache (British Boxing champion)
Georgi Georgiev (Sambo/Grappling)

And many more…