Self Defence The Right Way

Here at Rich Combat we provide a direct route to personal safety by evolving the world of martial arts.

With over 30 years experience in combative arts and self defence, former England international and 6th Dan Black Belt, Mark Richardson has ‘cherry picked’ the truth and moulded the pressure tested techniques of systems such as Krav Maga, Jujitsu, Karate, Western boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Wrestling (and much more) to find what ultimately works for the individual when things get REAL.

People enrol or attend martial arts classes for many reasons, but for the ones who join for personal protection and SELF-DEFENCE, then unfortunately most of these do not learn correctly!


The biggest problem in martial art schools of today is that people may join a class looking for safety and self defence only to find themselves locked into a generic training plan confined to the blueprint of that one particular system, an almost stale and antiquated look at how things will be out on the street, when in reality, and, if things do get ‘live’ these simply just won’t work. How can they?

When we understand most physical encounters are fast, unpredictable and extreme then how can we expect to ring-fence our defence to a certain style. We need to have true spontaneity to our response. BUT this can be learned.

All courses are open to ANYONE (especially beginners) regardless of previous background and include an overview and insight into applications which have been proven to work under extreme pressure.

RICHCOMBAT examines all the key areas within street self defence and fortifies your training whilst complementing any other styles which may be practised.

Holding monthly courses and seminars RICHCOMBAT looks at all the key components found in ‘Real’ self protection, also providing 1-2-1 training and small group bookings with sessions tailored to most specific targets.

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