Services and Corporate

RICHCOMBAT offers personal development with a difference.
Do you need to improve your employees security through practical self-defence which is beneficial towards their working environment?
OR, are you simply looking for group/individual skill-sets which can (and will) improve productivity and enthusiasm within the workplace.

If so, then RICHCOMBAT can help.

Following a free introductory meeting with myself, RICHCOMBAT will present a clear and concise overview of how we can provide your company with a personal (and bespoke) seminar to help improve staff motivation and confidence within your company. We will explain how learning the basics and theory of real self-protection will not only provide a new outlook towards the subject of attacks. But, and more importantly, will provide clear and simple step by step guides to using psychological and human behaviour patterns as everyday tools in ‘naturally avoiding’ most physical assaults before they even occur.
When all said and done, Violence – be this physical, verbal or emotional – is communication, and if we understand the language we understand the action.

Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed!


Our sessions are not only informative, practical and effective, but above all – work! They are also great fun too. So, if your purpose primarily leans towards staff downtime or innovative team-bonding, then why not try a course with a difference.

There really is something here for everyone.